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We provide professional advice and services in all aspects of Intellectual Property, especially patents, trade marks and registered designs.

Patents protect inventions and particularly the underlying technical principle of a product or process. Patents are not concerned with the appearance of a product but rather what the product does, how it works or how it's made.

Trade marks protect company names, logos, signs or any other indicators which can be used to distinguish the products or services of one person or company from those of another. A trade mark can be a company's greatest asset in persuading customers to buy its products or services. A strong brand name can considerably enhance the value of a company.

Designs protect the appearance of a product, for example the shape, configuration or surface decoration. Designs can also protect logos, as an alternative to trade mark protection. A design can be registered, in a similar way to a patent or trade mark, or can remain unregistered (sometimes known as "design right").

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